Mateusz Pawełczyk lives and works in Częstochowa, Poland

STUDIO TIME @ Hotel Cortisen am See 28.4. — 5.5.

In his artistic quest, Mateusz Pawełczyk from Poland repeatedly goes through a process that culminates in the actual composition of the large-scale paintings. The artist is only satisfied when everything is in balance. This is preceded by a process of alternately constructing and destroying the arrangement and order on the surface of the canvas, which consists of numerous challenges. Anyone who suspects a pictorial plan in his works will search in vain. For it is only by questioning decisions that he is able to experience new phenomena in painting and artistic surprises. In this context, the subject of the painting becomes merely a pretext for the search within the structure of the painting. Mateusz Pawełczyk is currently an assistant at the Jan Długosz Academy of Painting in Częstochowa.

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