Inma Fierro lives and works in Seville, Spain

STUDIO TIME @ Seehotel Berau 28.4. - 5.5.

Flexible ways of channelling and expressing ideas and emotions. Spanish artist Inma Fierra is constantly in search of them. He combines his own memories with the influences of his daily life to create works of art that collect and preserve all emotions and feelings. A personal diary on canvas, if you like. Even if this motivation runs through his work, the process varies depending on the subject and the space in which it takes place. He usually works with acrylic paints, wax crayons, oil paints or pigments on fabric, paper or wood, but also experiments with adhesives, varnish, photography or collage techniques. An expression of his own existence in the here and now, which draws reference from the past and allows the artist to think about the future.