Piotr Korzeniowski (*1970) Krakau, Polen

STUDIO TIME @ Strandhotel Margaretha 16.4. — 21.4. / 14:00 — 16:00

Active in painting, drawing, photography and spatial objects. In 2011 he founded with Jakub Najbart and is a member of the board of Transporter Kultury Foundation.

Since 1996 he has been working at the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts, currently (since 2013) as a professor at the Faculty of Painting. He also holds courses in portrait photography at the Krakow School of Creative Photography. Piotr lives in Krakow. Piotr Korzeniowski is interested in the rhythm and balance between the repetition of elements and the uniqueness of structures and forms built with the help of these elements.

The mechanism is connected to reality and can be found in many aspects of the world and observed around us. Abstract language allows us to keep interpretive contexts wide open, at the same time allowing us to touch aspects of beauty and richness of reality in a more; universal in a different scale and in a variety of forms.