Lalo Sánchez del Valle (*1968) Mexico City, Mexiko

STUDIO TIME @ Hotel Seevilla 16.4. — 21.4. / 14:00 — 16:00

Art as a raw material can be created and transformed a thousand times. There are many ways and forms of doing this, one of which is painting. A creator in this category with very personal aesthetics is the Mexican artist Lalo Sánchez del Valle. He shows his style and versatility without limits, in each of his works. As if they were a pulsating planet where the extraordinary force resides. Always with the intention to challenge the senses and the imagination with his different themes and formats.

Lalo Sánchez del Valle sees himself as a humanist. The autodidact confesses: The interests, influences and inquisitiveness are so great that there is no possible specialization. Each:artist:has a quality through which he/she expresses and shares with his/her community; Lalo has the ability to use different painting principles to express a new message - without repetition or sketching. If Lalo had to name a concept, it would be, "My Own Jungle." In the title lies independence, character, responsibility, respect, freedom, dreams and essence, both from life and death.